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Crystal and Lindsey started Grow & Co. in March 2015 while finishing up their maternity leaves as first time moms. What started out as a way to fill the days and try something new, quickly became a full time passion project. With their team of 5 working moms, they craft custom products daily in their commercial space, with a focus on customized wooden decor for kids and the home. They love the sense of community that they have built with their team and other local businesses and are grateful for their customers who continue to make this dream their reality.




Hi, I’m Lindsey! Mama of 2 boys, Cooper and Wallace, Wife to a great guy named Cam, and a total Grandma at heart. I love all things crafting, baking and sewing! Owning my own business where I could make things and be creative has always been a dream of mine. My professional background is in banking and accounting but my love for being creative has taken over and here we are today with Grow & Co.

Family time is often spent in the mountains where we love to ski and enjoy the outdoors. I also love wine, a lot. 

I’m incredibly grateful to be fortunate enough to work with a wonderful group of women, who support and uplift each other. Thank you for supporting us on this journey, it means the world.




Hi, I’m Crystal. Mama to a little girl and boy, Ella and Kelly. Wife to a wonderful husband, Matt. By nature I am an introvert and homebody, but having kids and building my own business has really forced me out of my comfort zone, a big but welcome change for me. I love spending time with my family, going to movies and dinners, and coffee, coffee, coffee! Planning play dates with the kids is one of my favourite goto ways to get out of the house and keep the kids (and myself) sane. 

My background is in oil and gas accounting, but owning my own business and the challenges that come along with that has truly rerouted my lifes path, and given me a personal passion for goal setting and growing.

I’m so grateful that building Grow & Co. has allowed me to be a work at home mom and the type of schedule to be with my kids in their early years. That extra time and the relationships I’ve been fortunate enough to build through Grow & Co. are among my most cherished outcomes of business ownership.