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Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is here and that means it’s time to let the kids go wild outside, get dirty, and explore! To keep their imaginations growing, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite summer crafts for kids. The best part is these can all go on display with our “art display” signs. So let’s get crafting!

1. Make your own nature paintbrush - painting with flower and nature - from Messy Little Monster click here

How cute are these? We also saw using clothespins instead of sticks as an alternative. This craft is basically two in one, making the brushes and painting #parentwin

2. Make a beautiful nature bracelet - from Craft learn and play Click here The sweetest little bracelet there ever was. Now if we could find a way to save it. Sorry in advance for all the flower petals and leaves on your floor.

3. Colored sticks - from RoomRX click here We can almost guarantee you might have more fun than your kids with this one. Totally chic and almost free home decor? Why not!

4. Weaving with Nature - from Child In Harmony click here There are a lot of different variations on this one, we love how whimsical they all are!

5. Printable Egg Carton Nature Scavenger Hunt - from Wonder-filled Days click here This one will take a little bit of prep but can be used over and over again for different locations like the park or out camping! It is a great activity that also teaches kids how to name and identify things in nature.

There is nothing better than a day spent outside, under the sun, while your littles play and explore. So pick one of these fun crafts (for yourself or your kids;) and let the creative juices flow.

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