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Introducing our 3D Growth Chart, the perfect addition to any kid's room or wall in your home. Made from an elite spruce wood, this growth chart is built to last as your child continues to grow. Available in a variety of stains and painted colors, you can customize it to match any room decor.


This growth chart comes with 3D acrylic numbers, and a 3D acrylic image. Keep track of your child's growth in style!


All Growth Charts are sealed with a clear protectant. Please note that it does not have a glossy finish or feel and is absorbed into the chart for durability and longevity.


Comes with a saw tooth hanger on the back for easy hanging. We include 2 screws that can be screwed through the chart at the top and bottom for extra security.


Our charts START at 6" as they are meant to hand 6" off the floor to accomodate the average baseboard. If you would like it to start at a different please reach out.





Wood is a natural product, each piece WILL have varying knots and imperfections. We have 3 oil based stains and 3 water based paint options to choose from. Please note that paint emphasizes knots and surface textures. It DOES NOT hide or fill these areas. Character in the wood WILL show. There is a listing photo which shows some examples of how knots look on a painted board. Please note that these examples are not exhaustive as each piece of wood varies from one to the next. If you wish to see more examples please message us for photo examples prior to ordering. The oil based stains (grey, medium and dark) provide a more natural look if you are concerned about the knots and texture variations in the wood as the stain accentuates the beauty of the wood instead of covering it like paint does. By choosing a PAINT option, you are acknowledging that you are aware and accept that your board will have varying knots and imperfections as described above. Please don't hesitate to contact us first if you would like to see examples of the boards we have on hand in your preferred color choice.

3D Growth Chart with 3D Image

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