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This thoughtfully curated program includes everything  you need to carryout your own Kindness Ninja Program with your students or children. This kit is designed to last year after year!


** Pleae note that discount codes CAN NOT be used for the purchase of this item**

This is a PRESALE. Presale will be open from Jan 15 - Jan 12. All Kits will ship it aporoximately 2 weeks after the close of the presale.


Kit includes:


- Kindness Ninja Program description and directions as co-created by kindergarten teacher Allie Apels


- Kindness Ninja Jar with hearts in glitter red and black


- Three diverse Kindness Ninja wood, painted peg dolls


- Kindness Ninja Lanyard in choice of skin color


- One Kindness book (chosen at random from our selection of Scholastic Kindness books)


- Set of Laminated Kindness Cards with cloth carry bag


- Laser engraved wooden Kindness Ninja Plaque (approx 12"x12")


- One copy of the Kindness Ninja Certificate (to be photocopied by receipent for each child, digital copy upon request) - to be colored by each Kindness Ninja


- 30 Kindness Ninja Headbands to be colored by each Kindness Ninja with twine 


- Laminated Kindness Ninja Diagram


- Laminated Kindness Ninja Pledge


- Laminated Invite to become a Kindness Ninja


- Laminated Introduction to Kindness Ninjas letter


A portion of sales from each box will be donated to kindness initiatives in the community. Keep an eye on our social media to follow the good that is done by the Kindness Ninjas with these donations.


This kit has been thoughtfully curated with the help of the following contributers:

- Kindergarten teacher, Allie Apels: (@joysofkinder)

- Jessica from The Oak Village: (@theoakvillage)

- Lauren from Anda Arts: (@anda.arts)

Kindness Ninja Kit **PRESALE**

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